Top 5 Catwalk Inspired Trends To Buy This Summer To Instantly Look Like The “it" Girl

Have you ever wondered why those Instagram influencers and world-class supermodels on the glossy magazine covers look so hot, sleek, and sophisticated? And how a normal girl-next-door can pull off that glam look on a working girl budget? Well, there is a secret! In this article, you’ll learn the top 5 hot fashion trends you can immediately incorporate into your wardrobe to look like the it" girl. You’ll learn the secrets that will help you look like a fashion model straight off the runway. You will look like the "it" girl when you hit the streets rocking the latest trends in celebrity style!

Glam Up Your Look With Fashion Accessories

Remember the 90s? Everything was about Swarovski, glitter, and bling. Well, those times are not over. In fact, they are just beginning! Michael Kors started this glitzy trend a few years back by introducing gold accents, sparkly details, and pom-poms as an addition to our wardrobes and it took off like a wildfire. And the new era of gorgeous design glam had begun! According to Dolce & Gabbana, Kate Spade, and the fashion gurus at Who What Wear, oversized sunglasses, body jewelry, big flashy watches, and bold accessories are making a major comeback. There is a new spin on that glam and flashy celebrity style fashion trend in the 21st century. 

1. Add A Statement Accessory To Your Casual Look 

There’s something ultra-chic and sophisticated about pairing a glitzy over-the-top accessory like a giant brooch, a dinner ring or a big shiny bracelet or a necklace with a pair of ripped jeans and a white t-shirt and creating that intense tension of polar opposite looks by pairing the ultra-chick with super casual.

Fashion Accessories - Trendy Girls Club 

If you want to really bring this look into the 21st century, try to buckle a flashy crystal chain belt over one of the one-piece swimsuits you have in your closet and you are set to be the head turner at that glam pool party in Cabo. You can also put it over a simple black or white dress and see it come to life in a new way. Add a nice bottle of Champagne to your glam look when you are boating with your friends and voilà! You now have the perfect influencer look for your IG friends!

Crystal Chain Belt - Trendy Girls Club

Want more of the drama glam? Try adding an oversized brooch to your formal or casual jacket (or a simple tank-top) and make it look like a million bucks! The iconic Coco Chanel, as well as major celebrities, have rocked this trend very well, and so can you.

Fashion Accessories - Trendy Girls Club

Fashion Accessories - Trendy Girls Club

Grab one for the oversized brooches here and start rocking this trend! 

Fashion Accessories - Trendy Girls Club

Fashion Accessories - Trendy Girls Club

Fashion Accessories - trendy girls club - TGC

2. Weare Your Sunnies Like Your Life Is Dependending On It 

If you want to look like a trendy fashionista, you really need to get this right! This is probably the easiest way to make a fashion statement. 

If you consider yourself a Style Seeker, you probably already know what trend I’m about to mention. It’s been the biggest hit of the year, spotted on all the catwalks and celebrities. There are hundreds upon thousands of dupes in every fast fashion retailer. I’m talking about… the tiny sunglasses trend. I know, I know, at first we all thought these Matrix inspired sunnies would burn out as quickly as they rose but that has simply not been the case. All our favorite "it girls" wear them left, right and center, but beyond that, they’ve been cemented into 2018 by all the great designers of our time. 

Tiny Cat Eye Sunglasses - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

These quirky little frames scream sophistication with their elegant angles and exaggerated shapes. They’re colorful, they’re vintage, and you simply can’t go wrong. 

Tiny Cat Eye Sunglasses - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

Regardless of whether you follow celebrities, runways or magazines, there’s no doubt you’ve been seeing this trend make its way around the world. Join in the Fashion Matrix Revolution this summer and rock these cool little shades. 

Tiny Cat Eye Sunglasses - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

Also, as a Fashion Paradox, the big and bold oversized sunglasses have also rocked the fashion boat this summer! Unlike the tiny cat eye sunnies, these big, bold and beautiful shades are set to make a grand statement. 

Oversized sunglasses - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

Oversized Sunglasses - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

Oversized Sunglasses - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

Whether you choose the trendy cat eye look, classic and timeless aviators, simple and beautiful round shades, or edgy flat top visors, this year it's all about the size. Choose the big, oversized sunglasses if you want to be bold to deliver a strong fashion statement or go with the smaller frames to evoke edge and elegance in your look. 

3. Invest In Your Shoes And Accessorize Your Feet   

Everyone knows the best feeling on earth is when you can finally break out your sandals after a long winter. Your toes are happy to feel the sunshine and chances are, your legs are feeling it too. What better way to celebrate that than investing in a new pair of gorgeous sandals to usher in the new season. Now, when it comes to shoes, it’s all about elevating your own personal style. 

This years' hottest trend is sandals with socks. You don’t have to tell me it sounds strange, I already know. But I’m asking you to erase that mental image of your dad at a barbecue and take a look at how gorgeously this trend has been styled in all the runway shows, you will be just as awe-struck as we were! Don’t shy away from this bold trend, stand out by embracing this stylish new idea and it won't break the bank! 

Shoes with socks - fashion trends - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

We have seen this fun look rocking the top trend-setting runways: Armani, Fendi, Versace, and Missoni gave their blessing to this fun and edgy trend. 

Shoes with socks - fashion trends - Trendy Girls Club | TGC

We especially love this as a mid-season look, before tights become mandatory. Depending on the sandals you pick and heels this trend could easily be a day or night look. Picture this: you in a tiny dress, holding an Aperol Spritz on a sunny Soho rooftop rocking this bold new trend and no one will be able to keep their eyes off you. 

Shoes with socks - fashion trend - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

Shoes with socks - fashion trends - Trendy Girls Club - TGC 

4. Pump Up The Volume With A Handbag 

This year, minimalism took the cake when it comes to handbags. Sounds pretty crazy that the tiny little purses are hitting the streets fashion, considering that cell phones are getting bigger and bigger. But maybe this is what will finally force us to get unplugged”?! Just kidding, it’d be impossible to wear one of these cute little bags out without snapping a dozen pics or texting your besties.

Like all trends, what goes around comes around, and this time what’s come back around is fanny packs! Not like the ones your mom wore in the 80s though, today we’re looking at sophistication and craft. Who would have thought a fanny pack could be lux? 

Small bags - fashion trend - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

Small bags - Fashion Trends - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

Evidently, a lot of designers and influencers did! So as these cute tiny bags have been popping up on the runways, they are trickling straight to the malls and consequently fueling up the street fashion. 

Small fashion bags - fashion trends - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

There’s just something cool about these tiny bags that looks so sleek and chick and high fashion. If you want to instantly elevate your look, these might be the shortest cut for that. This trend is great for our sleek city girls who want to add a fresh update to their looks without breaking the bank. Use one of these tiny bags to bring life back to that outfit you thought last summer. 

Small fashion bags - fashion trends - Trendy Girls Club - TGC

If you’re getting in that “Back to School” vibe though, there’s another trend that might be just for you! I’m talking about backpacks! They’ve been spotted on the runways in numerous shapes and sizes but they’re definitely here to stay. Our tip is: stay away from any backpack that’s too big. It’ll overpower your outfit instead of accentuating it. A medium or small size backpack might be the perfect accessory to take you from day to night with enough room to touch up your makeup!

Hats & Scarves

This summer, we’ve seen a major influx of scarves being worn. But no heavy, knitted scarves. Tiny little silk scarves like the kind Flight Attendants wear. They’re so charming and the perfect accessory to add an upgrade to your look. Jeans, a black top, leather jack and a red silk scarf around your neck? You’ll be posting selfies for days. Beyond the classic Hermes scarf every woman on earth has always dreamed of, we’ve seen them on the runway this season by Dries Von Noten as well. But don’t worry, we’re all about affordable looks so here’s a tip for you: a bandana can be a charming alternative to the trend. 

Hats have also made a striking comeback, particularly ones with big wide brims. The boho trend lives on and the perfect accessory for all that linen is going to be a floppy straw hat. They were featured on Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Ellie Saab. They’re so light and versatile and best of all: affordable. You can find one of these at your local thrift store and add a certain charm to any outfit. But for our more urban fashionistas, there’s a more elegant trend on the rise as well: the bowler hat. Their harsh angles make them masculine in a way that’s classy and sophisticated. Pair one with ripped jeans a plain white top and you’ll be turning heads on the street! 

In Conclusion

If you like the nightlife, roof-top parties, or chilling by the pool somewhere in the Caribbean and you like to do it in style, then check out our Glamour Girl Collection for inspiration. Perhaps, you can take your existing outfit, whether it’s a basic tank top, bikini or a simple dress you had in your closet forever and by adding a few bold fashion-forward accessories will give it a new life the "fashionista style".